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Am I smexy?

Name: Stefanie
Age: 15
Location: Belgium

Sexual Status? Straight
Virgin? Yes
Boyfriend/Girlfriend? No, it ends up the same eventually. He cheats on me. Don't know why. Maybe I'm born to be cheated on or something.

Name 3 Bands you like: Senses Fail, Blink 182, TBS [I like punkrock and emo music<3]
Name 3 Shows you like: Dawsons Creek, Friends, Will & Grace [I like funny programs, as you can see]
Name 3 Movies you like: Moulin Rouge, Scary Movie [1, 2 && 3], Pearl Harbor
Name 3 of your Hobbies or Interests: Reading, Dancing, Painting [artistic person, as you can see]
Name 3 Famous People you like:
Marilyn Monroe: I love her because she's got a surten charisma. She's sexy too.
Drew Barrymore: She's a great actress. I love her. She's pretty.
Matt LeBlanc: He's the most funny actor ever. I love him as "Joey" in Friends.

What's your opinion on underage sex? I think when you’re ready for it and you have a relationship with someone for a while, you should do it, when you’re really ready for it.
What's your opinion on abortion? I think it should be possible. I mean, what would you do if you were pregnant when you are 16 years old or something? You can’t take care of your kid and stuff. It’s sad.
What's your opinion on same sex marriages? Let the people make their own decisions for God sakes! I mean, they're just like you and me. Why discriminate them?? It's useless!
What's your opinion on President Bush and his war issues? I think he’s an asshole. The war in Iraq doesn’t make any sense. I don't understand why he got re-elected.

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Me on the right

Me on the right again


I am the second from the left

Hope you guys like it.
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